Intuitive Coaching

I believe people naturally inhabit a place of wholeness — a large reservoir of solutions that spring into action with insight, personal intuitive support and strategic guidance. As human beings we have have stresses and fears that arise because we care about the choices we make; we care about the quality of our lives. When life is coming at us fast or when deep tangled issues confront us, we can constrict and go into survival. With the help intuitive coaching, a safe and compassionate cocoon is created for the issues you face. Perspective is the generative force for high quality life decisions and healing. 

I bring over a decade of business experience to my Intuitive Coaching practice. My philosophy and solution space arises from both the wisdom gained in corporate culture and my training in Biodynamic CranialSacral practice. 


Health is the wholeness of life

By tapping into your deepest knowing and articulating what is difficult to see and believe, together we find the place of wholeness and choice making that is available to you. 

My practice specializes in the three areas below:

BUSINESS/CAREER: Would you like to achieve a career that is makes more sense to who you are? Financial health, more wealth and success? Do you have conflict or stress with co-workers or your boss? Do you have an entrepreneurial business that would benefit from learning about your timeline? And help you set up your expectations and make plans? Whether you already have your own business, embarking upon a new business … or, in a 9-5 job I can help you see the big picture and make healthy decisions.

SELF IMPROVEMENT: Do you feel you are true to yourself — making the best choices for your health and well being? Life transition can bring up identity challenges and overwhelm. I will help support you in identifying healthy directions that empower your life.

RELATIONSHIP SUPPORT: Sometimes relationships become entangled and confusing. A little shift to the left or right with insight can make all the difference. Whether you are encountering relationship stress with your partner, spouse, child, or friend I will help articulate the kernel of the issue and guide future impact and communication with insight and compassion.

Clarity * Grounding * Direction *Joy * Empowerment


CONSULTATION: I offer a 15 minute initial consultation. This is a good way to understand your needs and to see if I am a fit for you.

For your initial consult please call to set up an appointment: 917-249-2577


Intuitive Session: $70.00

Monthly package {4 sessions}: $280.00 discounted rate: $250.00

To directly schedule your appointment, please  schedule on this page.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations require 24 – 12 hours notice, less than 12 hours notice a payment of half the session fee is required.  No call/No show for an appointment requires a payment of the full session fee.  Consideration for emergencies is taken on a case by case basis.

What clients are saying …

 “I had the pleasure and privilege of having an Intuitive reading by Denise Olson.  It was an incredible experience.  Denise’s wisdom runs deep and comes from deep within her spirit.  Her reading gave me clarity and reassurance on many issues that were nagging at me.   I walked away with a beautiful sense of peace and serenity which has put my heart at ease still to this day. I HIGHLY recommend a reading by Denise.  She is a wonderful and wise and gifted woman.”  Lora Z