Let Go of Pain

cranial_sacral_goldensunriseA large percentage of clients that seek Therapeutic Massage are looking to decrease pain. It could be muscle pain, headache, arthritic or fibromyalgia. People with chronic pain have a harder time relaxing, have higher anxiety levels and lack of restorative sleep.  In deep sleep stages, our bodies release hormones that help to restore and heal the body.  For those suffering from chronic pain Therapeutic Massage has shown to increase the hormone serotonin, which reduces pain, it increases deep sleep, increases range of motion and lowers anxiety.

Muscle tensions also cause pain and perhaps not, where you might think.  The muscles for various reasons often develop ‘knots’.  Knots can cause tension in a muscle or turn into a Trigger point, which can refer pain to other areas of the body.  For example, a knot just above your shoulder blade can refer pain to the head causing a headache.  Therapeutic Massage can help to break down these knots and relax the muscles, which promotes increase blood flow bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This will reduce swelling, stiffness, and increases flexibility to help decrease pain.

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