Massage Sheets

sheetsHave you ever sat down to accomplish a task and just dread the thought of even starting it? I felt this the other day while folding massage sheets.  I had a pile of sheets fresh from the dyer waiting for me to sink my hands into them and select the first one to fold.  I forced myself to start, the sheet was warm, a clean fresh scent whiffed past my nose.  I folded the sheet and looked at it as it lay on the table.  I stared at it for a couple of minutes thinking about what this sheet meant.   How does this sheet fit into my life and if it did not exist how would my life change?   It may seem like a strange thing to contemplate but at this moment, I needed to understand the reason.

I looked at the sheet and began to see through it, to see where it had been, the last client that had laid on it. I remembered how the client looked, the pained expression, before they sank into the softness of the table between the two sheets, I remembered how they explained their discomforts and issues in their bodies, and I remembered the hope that flashed through their eyes as they felt the first discomfort start to ease.  I remembered how excited and grateful they were at the end of the session when they got out of the sheets, dressed and felt so much better then when they started.  I remembered walking the client out giving them homework and them thanking me again with such genuine gratitude that they no longer hurt as much as they did a mere hour ago. I remember turning back to the room and the look of the rumbled sheets and as I took them off the table, I remember how it will all start again with a clean sheet.

I picked up the next sheet off the pile and folded.


bigstockphoto_Woohoo__1350275I am very excited to announce a new service offering. Intuitive Coaching. I am helping people make important decisions in business, life, relationships. This offering has my full attention and passion. I am witnessing the lives of my clients coming into more wholeness, power and joy. By tapping into the wholeness that exists in each person within a safe problem/solution space we are able to work together for clarity and choices that empower all involved. To learn … more, just saunter on over to the INTUITIVE COACHING page.