Happy Holiday Gifts

Holiday Season, the time of year we search for that special gift for the people we care for. This year give the gift that says, “I care how you feel” by purchasing a gift certificate for Therapeutic Massage or CranioSacral therapy.




Known health benefits of massage include:

  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves sore muscles
  • Relieves headaches
  • Promotes relaxation

Right now by purchasing four or more gift certificate package, you will save $10 per hour. Give your family and friends the gift that promotes better health and save one for you to help with those holiday stresses and aches.  For session times, information, and how you can order your Gift Certificates, email me denise@deniseolsonlmt.com.

Open Open Open

bigstockphoto_I_m_The_Best_324629Announcement! Denise Olson LMT Therapeutics is up and running in Oregon! 

Denise offers personalized 60, 90 and 120-minute therapeutic massage sessions, a combined modality form of massage therapy along with essential oils intended to reduce pain, increase circulation, correct posture and promote relaxation. In addition, 60-minute Biodynamic CranioSacral sessions, a therapeutic therapy that works with the fluid in the whole body intended to regulate and balance the body to release stress, anxiety and pain.

You and Denise will collaborate to help improve your quality of life, with less pain, less stress and more quality sleep. Package programs are available for added savings along with gift certificates for the perfect gift.

Contact Denise directly through email: denise@deniseolsonlmt.com or by phone at 971-249-2577 for appointment availability. Denise’s office is located in the Beaverton/Aloha area. For more information on services, location and pricing, please visit: deniseolsonlmt.com