Therapeutic Massage


How can Therapeutic Massage help you?  There have been numerous research studies in the past few years on the effects of therapeutic massage on the body.  A few of the benefits that have been proven by scientific studies:

  • Massage Therapy can relieve stress
  • Massage Therapy can aid in  pain relief
  • Massage Therapy can help improve sleep
  • Massage Therapy can reduce symptoms of depression
  • Massage Therapy can be effective for low back pain

How many people today are not affected by these aliments?   By receiving regular therapeutic massages, you can experience the health benefits many have already discovered.

What makes Denise different from other massage therapists? Denise takes the time to listen to your goals and health concerns.  All discussions are held in a safe and confidential manor, this one to one quality care is Denise’s top priority toward your wellbeing.  Denise’s massages are a unique mixture of different massage modalities all geared toward your current health needs and concerns.  Whether you are searching for pure stress relief or pinpoint pain relief, there is never an additional charge for different manual modalities.  Be it Deep Tissue, Trigger Point or Myofacial Release you can expect the same high quality therapeutic massage at the same cost.  Each therapeutic massage includes a complimentary upgrade use of Therapeutic Essential oil; you and Denise will select specific oil depending on your massage concerns that day.